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  • Lori Cascioli

'Tis The Season to Buy Or Sell a Home?

Like most people, you probably think that the winter season isn’t the best time to consider buying or selling your home… but there are actually some pretty great points that might change your mind.

Here are our top things to consider to perhaps get you in the spirit to buy or sell!


Less Competition

With all that’s happening in the colder months (hello gift shopping and planning out the family gatherings), generally there are fewer people inclined to look for a home during this time. Found your dream house? Chances are you won’t be competing with as many buyers in the winter, or are less likely to be in a bidding war.

Motivated Seller

Since we typically see less homes for sale in the winter, a seller during these months might be eager to sell. The perk for the buyer? There could be more room for negotiation on selling price and other things to consider like closing dates. (We can help with a negotiation strategy!)

Mortgage Rate Fluctuation

If you are looking for a mortgage, this could be the time to find a good mortgage rate before heading into the new year.

Winter Durability

Of course, you won’t be able to get a clear idea of the homes outdoor landscaping or “curb appeal,” however you can get an idea of the homes durability in the colder season. Check for things like any drafts coming from windows and doors and the heat distribution throughout the house.


Less Sellers

Just like there are less buyers, there are generally less sellers, too. This is your time to stand out and have more eyes on your property with less competition which could result in a quicker sale.

Serious Buyers

With an oversaturated market of buyers in the spring and summer, there tends to be more “window shoppers” than serious buyers. People may just be browsing to get ideas but in no rush to buy, or even just looking for fun. But people trekking through the snow or taking time during the busy holiday season to look for a home? These folks typically mean business.

Motivation for a Quick Closing

Buyers looking for a home at the end of the year may be motivated for a quick closing to take advantage of tax benefits before the new year. (Plus if you’re buying another home, this would benefit you, too!)

“The Internet Has No Seasons”

Dave Ramsey coined this, and we have to agree. Most buyers in this day and age start the search for a new home online regardless of having to wear a parka or flip flops outside. The weather doesn’t stop the serious buyer from their home search.

If this was enough to convince you to either start looking for your dream home during this winter season and get cozy in a new home, or put that "For Sale" sign on your snow covered lawn, the LUV Real Estate team is here to help!

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