"Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much."

-Helen Keller

Get To Know The Team

Emily Thokle

Administrative Assistant

Favourite Movie: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Gone Girl, A Walk to Remember

Favourite Season: Autumn because of the crisp air, cozy sweaters, and all the pumpkin flavoured treats! But also summer for patio weather.

Rather live in the city or country: Can I choose both?!

Starbucks Order: Half-sweet Venti Caramel Macchiato with an extra shot of espresso


What’s one of your favourite things about

Luv Real Estate: All the amazing women of Luv. 

Melissa Cascioli

Social Media Coordinator

Favourite movie: Grease. I love to sing along to the upbeat music and it is full of fun and makes me laugh.


Favourite season: Fall, because I love the changing colours of the leaves and enjoy the cooler weather. My favourite activity to do in the fall is apple picking and pumpkin carving.


Rather live in the city or the country: Country. I love it because it is quiet and there is more opportunity to get in touch with nature. Some of my favourite activities are hiking, camping and canoeing. 

Starbucks order: Grande Caramel Macchiato half sweet.


What’s one of your favourite things about

Luv Real Estate:  I love that it has a team oriented approach to making the client's needs met. Also the fact that the team is currently made up of strong independent woman that I look up to and learn from.

Margarita Okumura

Administrative Assistant

Favourite movie: I have many but one that’s my absolute fav and makes me smile is Pretty Woman! You can hear the Roy Orbison theme song now. It’s a fun modern fairytale and you gotta love Julia Roberts and her contagious laugh.


Favourite season: Hands down! It’s Fall. The changing colours of the leaves is breathtaking. Watching a forest turn into real life paintings and throwing a comfy sweater on to go for a nice walk is the best. 


Rather live in the city or the country: Oh, that’s a tough one. I love the convenience of walking to shops and restaurants living in a city and being surrounded or close to family and friends but I also love the quiet and simplicity of living in the country. But if I REALLY had to pick, it would be city. 


Starbucks order: London Fog or Vanilla Soy Chai Latte. I’m not a coffee person (gasp!) but I enjoy a good tea. 


What’s one of your favourite things about

Luv Real Estate: Best thing is that the team is approachable. Everyone is just a phone call, text message or email away. 

Our team is always growing. If you want to join us or find out about our job opportunities please send an email to
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